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Purifying technology

Технология за микробиологична защита BioCote

A layer of silver ions, providing permanent antimicrobial protection

Технология за микробиологична защита BioCote

Protects devices from germs outside

To completely protect Waterlogic machines from microbes in the environment, our devices have BioCote® anti-microbial technology on the outside. BioCote® technology covers the most critical plastic surfaces around the dosing area, which are treated with a layer of silver ions and provide permanent antimicrobial protection against a wide range of bacteria, mold and fungi and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

BioCote® kills 80% of microbes in 15 minutes and 99% in 2 hours

How it works

Surfaces coated with BioCote® do not allow microbes to multiply. Implemented in the production technology, it interacts with the surfaces, preventing the multiplication of microbes and subsequent destruction.
BioCote® technology is used by leading manufacturers around the world to ensure optimal performance of their products and to protect them from the negative effects of microbiological contamination.


BioCote® protects products from a wide range of microbes, including bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Pseudomonas, as well as fungi and mold. Our BioCote® protected filter dispensers are proven to be effective with regular quality control by independent laboratories and compliance with relevant standards.

BioCote® provides you with a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic surface.

Технология за микробиологична защита BioCote

BioCote test in the classroom

Scientists in a real BioCote test measured and compared the amount of bacteria in 2 classrooms in a primary school. This is the first anti-microbial classroom in the world where such a microscope measurement has taken place. The aim is to establish the performance of anti-microbial BioCote protection in the school environment and the protection it provides for children.
The results are impressive, including for the Waterlogic dispenser, where the number of detected bacteria is 96.79% less compared to an unprotected dispenser in the other unprotected room. BioCote is the rising star in the school classroom!
* BioCote® has not been tested against SARS-CoV-2.

Waterlogic Firewall ™ water purification system

Highly effective bactericidal purification system at the dosing point

Firewall ™ guarantees the highest world standards for purification

The use of UV light in the water purification process is one of the most significant innovations today. UV light eliminates bacteria by destroying the DNA nucleus and thus eliminates E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis.

Available: Waterlogic Firewall's patented technology is a highly effective bactericidal purification system at the dosing point. It guarantees 99.9999% purified water. Glass after glass… .. Firewall ™ technology is tested and certified by WQA / International Quality Association / according to NSF / ANSI-55 Class A UV and NSF P231 protocol, which makes it unique according to the latest laboratory tests conducted by the microbiology team in the laboratory of the University of Arizona is also effective against Covid -19.

No other filter dispenser meets these standards at the same time. This means that Firewall technology provides the safest possible water for the workplace. The main difference compared to other UVC technologies is the way Firewall ™ purifies the entire path of water to the dispenser. Firewall ™ kills all germs just before the water enters your glass and is a barrier to protect the dispenser, preventing bacteria and viruses from entering the system and preventing the possible risk of cross-contamination between consumers.

Firewall ™ is designed for fast and efficient cleaning when needed. Its double helix allows water to move from top to bottom and back, exposing the water to UVC radiation longer than usual for this solution.

"I tested the Firewall machine and I can confirm that it destroys Covid-19"

Dr. Charles P. Gerba , Center for Sustainable Water and Energy Technology (WEST), University of Arizona

Watch the Firewall™ video
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Waterlogic Firewall ™ water purification system

In-Tank UV technology

Discover the effectiveness of UV light

Waterlogic's in-tank UV technology proves the effectiveness of UV light against pathogenic microorganisms born in the water - bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, which you do not want to be present and swim in your glass. It sterilizes the water because the UV lamp is located in the center of the cold vessel. The design of the vessel and the specification of the UV lamp is tailored to each model to ensure the highest level of filtration. The lamp is located in a quartz spiral to help maintain an optimal operating temperature without being in direct contact with water.

Excellent taste and protection

The water in the vessel receives a powerful irradiation of UV light, which purifies the water, which in no way affects the fresh taste. For greater security, Waterlogic models have sensors that indicate if the lamp burns out.

Технология за микробиологична защита BioCote