Гаранционен и извънгаранционен сервиз на оборудване доставено от Purewareter.bg

Warranty and post-warranty service

  • Pure Water has the competence and spare parts to service the following brands of filtering devices: Waterlogic, Asset, Winix, PHSI.
  • All service technicians authorized to install and maintain POU / Point Of Use / water purification systems have received specific training and preparation.
  • Pure Water provides guaranteed warranty and after-sales service after purchasing the equipment.
  • For its customers, Pure Water offers preferential terms when signing up for a maintenance contract.
Първоначална инсталация на оборудване доставено от Purewareter.bg

Initial installation

Delivery and initial installation of the equipment is free of charge.

When installing the equipment, our authorized service technicians provide instruction in the daily maintenance and hygiene of the equipment.

Delivery and installation of POU water treatment systems is 5 working days, except in the case of other specific conditions.

Поддръжка и профилактика на оборудване доставено от Purewareter.bg

Maintenance and prevention

  • You can request a technical service or consult with an authorized technical person by tel: 02/8741046 or e-mail: service@purewater.bg.
  • We will contact you within 1 hour to confirm our visit.
  • The response to resolve a technical problem in the cities of Sofia, Varna and Burgas is 6 hours and up to 24 hours for the whole country.
  • All clients who have signed a maintenance or rental subscription contract are notified by telephone or e-mail about an upcoming visit for the purpose of preventing the equipment.
  • Regular prevention of dispensers includes:
  • – replacement of a filter combination;
    – replacement of UV lamp / in models where available /;
    – sanitation of the cold water cycle with a special preparation;
    – replacement of worn and worn elements;
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Contact us

Contact us for any questions:

Looking for a solution for your home or office?

Take a look at our multifilter drinking water dispensers, which are suitable for home, office, hotels, cafeteria restaurants.

Office Solutions

Filtered water dispensers are the preferred solution when choosing to supply clean water for office locations. These are companies that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Production bases

The available filtered water machines guarantee 100% purified drinking water and are an extremely convenient solution for production logistics facilities.

Health facilities

Hygiene is fundamental in health care facilities. We use a combination of filters,Biocote and UV  that removes all unnecessary pollutants but retains the mineral composition of the water.

Educational institutions

By implementing filtered water dispensers in educational institutions, we encourage:

  1. Prevention of children's health by providing improved quality drinking water;
  2. Raising awareness of the benefits of good hydratation;
  3. Reducing the cost of households to buy bottled water;
  4. Reduction of plastic packaging waste, expanding kids' environmental knowledge.

For Home

We offer compact solutions for domestic filtered water conditions using the same professional grade filtration.

Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias (HoReCa)

We offer a complete system exclusively in the HoReCa sector, providing access to the benefits of growing consumer trend - the need for fresh on-site water with excellent taste.

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