Zip HydroTap Classic Plus

Zip HydroTap Classic Plus


The world's most advanced drinking water system, the HydroTap Classic Plus delivers a choice of instant filtered boiling and chilled water for workplaces of all sizes. From a single tap and under counter command centre, the Classic Plus dispenses only the purest tasting water, filtered to a
market-leading 0.2 micron - 25 times more effective than a standard water filter jug. To prioritise user safety, the HydroTap doesn't splash or spit when dispensing water, and features two boiling water safety modes and a cool to touch tap. What's more, the HydroTap features superior
technology to conserve water while saving energy and time.


Office solutions, Home usage





Model Zip HydroTap Classic Plus
Dimensions Tap: 125x230 mm
Installation hole cut size: 35mm
Unit dimension: (W x D x H) 500mm x 490-520mm x 373mm
Multifiltering system 0.2 Micron Filter Cartridge
Cold and sparkling water capacity Chilled capacity: 175 Glasses per hour (6 - 10 ˚C)
Sparkling capacity: 175 Glasses per hour or 50 liters per hours (6-10 ˚C)
Hot water capacity Boiling capacity: 160 Cups per hour or 40 liters per hour (98 ˚C)
People capacity 50 - 100
Spacific features Advanced filtration
Environmentally conscious operation
Unique user-safety options
SteriTouch® Enhanced hygiene

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