Waterlogic GF1000 RO

Waterlogic GF1000 RO


GF1000 RO is a robust and reliable water dispenser with Reverse osmosis and great capacity because of 11 l tank. Extremely high level of hygiene guaranteed by  UV bactericidal technology and Biocote® antimicrobial coating. 


Office solutions, Factory, Educational institutions





Model Waterlogic GF1000 RO
Dimensions 38 х 114 х 34 cm
Multifiltering system Activated carbon based filtering combination+ Reverse Osmosis
Cold and sparkling water capacity 4 litres
Hot water capacity 1,5 litres
People capacity 40-60
Spacific features Antimicrobial coating Biocote® - a real barrier against the emergence of bacteria and microorganisms;
UV - destroys bacteria and prevents their recurrence;
Sensor against overheating;
Stainless steel water tanks;
Protected dosing of hot water;
R600a - cooling gas

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