Cobra 3 way tap


Suitable for office spaces looking for a different and modern water filtration solution. With the compact filtration system under the sink and the elegant mixer built into the counter, you can ensure a clean design and more counter space.

The device is also suitable for boutique hotels and establishments seeking to eliminate plastic and water in a single-use package. The system produces cold and sparkling water, of high quality, with which you can satisfy the needs of your guests, serving them water in elegant glass bottles under your own brand.


Office solutions





Model Cobra 3 way tap
Dimensions 30 cm(height of dispensing zone) 35 cm x 42.0 cm x 50 cm(dimensions of undercounter modul of filter water)
Multifiltering system Multifiltering system based on active carbon
Cold and sparkling water capacity 65 liters per hour
Hot water capacity Not optional

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Less than 20 persons