How to save water at work?

News 2023-05-16

How to save water at work?

Water is one of the most important resources on our planet – perhaps even the most important. Like most natural resources, water is limited, so it is especially important to use it wisely. In offices and manufacturing locations, employees are not directly affected by water costs. However, more and more people in the professional environment are asking themselves the question: How can we save water? We provide advice that can be implemented in any work environment with little effort and will take your company forward when it comes to sustainability.


Leaking pipes, porous or calcified seals are some of the most common avoidable causes of unnoticed water consumption. More specifically, this can be noticed, for example, by a dripping faucet or a leaking cistern in the sanitary facilities.


Persistent bias: A dishwasher uses more water than washing by hand, but dishwashers are actually a much more economical solution. If you compare the water consumption of hand washing and the dishwasher with the same amount, the machine wins: In modern dishwashers, the water consumption of 12 liters per wash cycle is already described as high, while hand washing requires about 50 liters to load a dishwasher .



Another sustainable way to consume drinking water in the office is through filtered water faucets or water dispensers.

How often are started water bottles thrown away because they are left in the meeting room or on the desk?
How often do you have employees empty their plastic bottles at the end of the day instead of using them the next day?
In many cases, the often wasteful use of bottled water stems from the fact that people want fresh water at work.
A suitable water fitting or free-standing water dispenser fulfills exactly this desire. Here, employees can drink not only fresh, but also freshly cold, carbonated or room temperature water - according to their preferences.

Office water dispensers offer the advantage that employees usually have just the amount of water they need. This saves water and hydrates your employees more sustainably than using single-use plastic bottles where water stagnates. In addition, the water from the filtered water dispenser has the highest level of hygiene and excellent taste.