The watercooler moment into the hybrid office

News 2023-04-04

The watercooler moment into the hybrid office

Does hybrid working mean we have to sacrifice those moments of inspired collaboration we once found in the office?
Well, not necessarily, but maybe we need a new, flexible approach to keep up with the post-pandemic lifestyle.

There's simply no denying that the hybrid model is working, despite resistance in some companies.
The questions remain: What does this mean for the future of the modern workplace, and should we be worried?

As with anything revolutionary, there are many conclusions to be drawn here, and for the majority it is a welcome change as it features improved productivity, better work-life balance and lower stress levels.

How do we ensure that the method works? How can full-time or part-time workers, working in an office or at home, begin to make up for the missing social moments that happen at the filtered water dispenser to share ideas and communicate with colleagues from different departments.

Whether we take the filtered water dispenser literally or not, the moments of brief respite around the device for refreshing, purified, potable water create a sense of being part of a larger working community, with shared values and a shared commitment to common goals remains crucial

What is important to remember from this is that the two can and should co-exist and understanding what is at stake will be the motivation.