10 reasons to drink more water

News 2015-05-11

10 reasons to drink more water

Water has an extremely positive health effect. Consuming enough water every day can make you feel rejuvenated. We share a few key reasons to drink more water and improve your quality of life.

  1. Need
    The human body is made up of 70% water and the brain more than 90%. Consumption of an optimal amount of water every day provides tissues and organs with enough fluid for their normal function.
  2. Helps to maintain a healthy weight.
    Water can be especially valuable to those who are trying to lose weight because it helps them feel satiated and prevents them from eating too much food. Water is calorie-free and contributes to weight loss by replacing sugary soft drinks.
  3. Purifies toxins
    Toxins are everywhere and penetrate the body through or inhalation. These toxins are excreted in the urine and by drinking more water we stimulate the kidneys and their secretion.
  4. Improves energy levels
    Those who drink more water maintain better energy levels and feel less fatigued. This is because water does not contain caffeine or sugar, leading to a sudden burst of energy followed by a collapse.
  5. Improves skin appearance
    Drinking water can improve the complexion and appearance of the skin, as well as protect against acne. Some people believe that drinking enough water reduces wrinkles.
  6. Helps digestion
    When the body is dehydrated, its digestive functions slow down. This can lead to swelling and heaviness in the stomach. Water can help stimulate digestion and contribute to comfort.
  7. Improves the immune system
    When people take in more water, they reduce the risk of viral diseases. Drinking enough water also makes it easier and faster to recover from colds and flu.
  8. Improves concentration
    One of the signs of dehydration is difficulty in concentration. People who have a focus problem may just need more water.
  9. Prevents and relieves pain
    People who suffer from headaches, arthritis or other chronic pain may find that taking more water will help them cope better with these conditions.
  10. Saves money
    You can fill your water bottle for free, and filtration systems are not expensive. This would greatly help your budget instead of buying expensive and harmful soft drinks in a plastic bottle.

Make an effort to drink more water every day and you will soon notice a change in your appearance and how you feel.