A wide range of high-performance water filters

News 2022-11-24

A wide range of high-performance water filters

In addition to complete solutions for your business, we also offer a wide range of high-performance water filters to deal with multiple contaminants, including reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, which removes all contaminants and can be used even in highly polluted waters.


Advantages of our filters

BioCote®. Waterlogic filters are treated with BioCote, silver-plated, for anti-microbial protection.

Environmentally friendly. The design of the filters is environmentally friendly and reduces the environmental impact that traditional systems have. The composition of the fillers is completely biodegradable.

Recyclable and reusable. Plastic boxes can be reused, with only the refill subject to replacement.

Save money. Filters that require only a refill of the filler, not the entire filter, save significantly.

Quality. Waterlogic filters are individually packaged and sealed for exceptional warranty and hygiene. 100% inspected during production.


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