Our achievements are


Successully completd projects


Clean water for more than 100 000 employees


50 000 liters filtered water daily


Cutting milions of CO2 emissions

Кои сме ние, екипът на Purewareter.bg

Who we are

  • Pure Water  is established in 2011 with main activity distribution and lease of PUO water dispensers;
  • We are an authorized partner for Bulgarian market of  one of the most innovative and recognized International  Companies  Asset s.r.l , WINIX, Canaletas;
  • As a pioneer our team succeed in obtaining unique  experience in the filed and for  the last 4 years we reached 40000 consumers;
  • Our team proofed its professional background in previous projects in HoReCa and Away fromHome market;
Purewareter.bg mission

Mission and Philosophy

  • The "new expertise" in providing clean drinking water with care for nature!

  • Meeting the day-to-day needs of society in a way that is economically, socially responsible and eco-friendly;

  • There are a number of environmental consequences that society has to pay for, such as the loss of surface water, toxic emissions from the production and destruction of plastic, air pollution from the transport of products, and the disposal of huge quantities of empty bottles;

  • Pure Water team set itself the ambitious task of convincing the public and its customers of the long-term benefits of using filtration and purifying dispensers.

Our approach

Determining the specific needs of the client:

  • Drinking habits;
  • Temperature preferences and equipment options;
  • Study of the quality of drinking water at the site, incl. laboratory analysis if necessary;
  • Technical ability to execute the project and coordinate with the client;
  • Recommendation on the type of filter system in view of the customer's needs;
  • Performing a free trial period;
  • Specifying delivery times, service, prevention;
  • Implementation of the solution.

Our partners

Waterlogic is an English company established in 1992. World leader in the production of multifunctional systems for direct water treatment. Presented in 52 countries on 5 continents. Market leader in all markets and over 1 million devices in use. The most innovative company in the industry.
Winix is ​​a South Korean designer and manufacturer of home and workplace air and water filtration products. Founded in 1973, WINIX provides innovative and reliable air and water treatment solutions through a wide selection of products, including filtration dispensers, filters , air purifiers, dehumidifiers, components for cooling and freezing. The WINIX group has been listed on the Korean Stock Exchange since 2000. WINIX products are distinguished for their quality, durability, design and high technology in customer service. Asia and North America are among the most established markets for the company.
Asset is a truly innovative company founded more than twenty years of professional experience in filtration. Today, thanks to such know-how, Asset has become the water dispenser market leader in Italy. Such outstanding success opens the global market. In 2013 BRITA, recognized expert in the field of drinking water optimization, took a stake in Asset s.r.l. This partnership provides Asset with access to invaluable know-how in the field of filtration and enhancement of drinking water which BRITA – the only global brand in the segment – has built up over decades. MADE IN Italy – from design and development to final assembly.
Canaletas is one of the leading and recognized European suppliers with a 50-year history in the production of filtration and dosing devices. Presented in 50 countries around the world. With more than 40 models, the company covers a wide range of needs. He is an active member of all significant associations in the industry with a major contribution to the creation of basic legal norms. One of the most innovative companies with achievements in refrigeration and sanitation.

Check the benefits of our filtering systems in the video below

Our Customers

Our clients are well-established companies with different activities, number of employees and history on the Bulgarian market. What unites them is their social responsibility. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines corporate social responsibility as "the obligation of business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working relationships with workers, their families, and society as a whole, which go beyond common legal and customary requirements". It is our greatest responsibility to support these companies by offering a higher and different level of drinking water hygiene in the workplace, with care for the environment.