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What is Point of Use

According to the Oxford dictionary POU / point of use / means a place where a service or product is used. POU water filtration systems involve process and cost optimization for a company. Pure Water filtration and purifying water dispensers are connected to a direct water source and provide an endless source of clean and fresh filtered water.

Our solutions

Pure Water - Distribution and Rental of Multifiltration Water Systems and POU water dispensers

  • Pure Pro is a trading company founded in 2011 with main activities import, distribution, sale, rental and service of POU drinking water dispensers and air cleaners.
  • Our company was acquired by Waterlogic, a leading global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of COVID certified purified drinking water dispensers.
  • As pioneers in the Bulgarian market, our team has managed to gain exceptional experience in the field and reach more than 100,000 consumers;
  • Prior to this project, the Pure Pro ltd. team had many years of professional experience in AFH / away from home / channel and various workplace services;

What we are different with

The products and solutions offered are of exceptional efficiency and quality. They are both economically viable and profitable.

Disadvantages of bottled water dispensers

  • Rough design + plastic
  • Heavy logistics + additional costs for each additional gallon
  • Compromised hygiene - germs in stagnant water
  • Need for inventory tracking and storage space
  • Availability of water depends on gallon pre-orders
  • Pollution: production and usage of plastic bottles

Benefits of filtered water dispensers

  • Contemporary design + recyclable materials
  • Fixed monthly rent with no additional maintenance costs
  • 100% purified drinking water: water is filtered at the time of consumption and passes through the guaranteed "Firewall" technology
  • Endless source of clean drinking water
  • Filter dispensers are characterized by low power consumption
  • Reduce carbon dioxide evolution
  • Reducing the dependence on oil and residual raw materials needed to produce plastic bottles
  • Without Plastic Bottles
  • Easier administration and accounting
  • Variety of options + Certificates from the International Water Quality Association

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